Adding Tellor as an Oracle

Hello Empty Set community :wave:

I noticed we’re only using Uniswap as the oracle. Apart from the benefits of decentralizing your source, Tellor has an active community of its own with a dispute mechanism baked in to hold the miners who submit values accountable. Uniswap has done a tremendous job with their V2 price accumulation oracle, but it’s still only one source.

Tellor is open-sourced, decentralized (no admin-key), and liveness is crypto-economically guaranteed with POW miners submitting the data/prices.

We’ve been getting traction with use as a fallback which is a great introduction to how we work, and extra insurance in case something goes awry. No partnerships or contracts with high fees here, just implement our open-source code!

You can learn more here:

Check out our Docs here:

Under what scenario would an 8-hour Uniswap TWAP be problematic for ESD but Tellor be useful?

Just to be clear, this is an idea to include Tellor, not to replace Uniswap.

There is no doubt that the 8hr. Uniswap TWAP is a great option. However, there are always edge cases that are hard to predict or plan for. Which is why it’s better to have backup options, a way to dispute, etc.

In the name of decentralization, including Tellor in some form (i.e. as a backup lever, or included as an average) alleviates the pressure on Uniswap to be the decentralized equivalent of an institution, with regards to pricing ESD.