EIP-25: Enable Migration

EIP-25: Enable Migration


This EIP marks the final of three in preparation for the Empty Set V2 upgrade.

We aim to take an iterative upgrade approach to this migration in order to lessen the likelihood of errors during the process.


The final step in the migration process will be to remove governance, and to put the DAO into a withdraw-only state.

Burn Hook

This adds a new burn() function on the V1 DAO which will serve as a hook for the V2 Migrator contract to burn a user’s ESDS tokens in exchange for ESS.

Pool Withdraw

Since advancing will be disabled, the V1 Pool will be bricked after EIP-25. To account for this, this proposal adds an additional withdrawal function to the V1 DAO that utilizes the Pool’s emergency___ functions to extract user’s tokens on their behalf from the bricked pool.

Governance Shutoff

Governance and advancing will be turned off. The V2 DAO will be granted access to commit new implementations to the V1 DAO. Though it shouldn’t be necessary, this will allow the V2 DAO to continue to upgrade the V1 DAO if need be.