EIP-8 Quorum and Proposal Threshold Reductions

EIP-8 Quorum and Proposal Threshold Reductions

Author: Will Price


The ESD DAO is a proxy contract that allows arbitrary upgrades by pointing to a new Implementation contract. The system’s ability to upgrade itself via DAO votes is key to its future viability.


Proposal Threshold - the fraction of bonded ESD that an address must hold in order to initiate a vote

Quorum - the fraction of the DAO that must vote either YES or NO on a proposal for it to pass

Current Issues:

  • The recently implemented 15 epoch fluid period creates additional friction because DAO participants must be frozen to vote.
  • As ESD scales and decentralizes, the current quorum and proposal thresholds will make it unnecessarily difficult for the community to make improvements to the system.


  • reduce quorum from 33% to 20%
  • reduce proposal threshold from 1% to 0.5% of the DAO



Hi Will,
Does it make sense to combine this with the coupon premium curve modification so they both get voted on together?
Or you think people maybe be for one but not the other?

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Is the implementation of voting with staged ESD particularly difficult? Feels like an issue has been identified with the Frozen -> Fluid mechanics that we should prioritise rectifying.

The inability for bonded LPs to provide whilst Fluid also fits into this category.

EIP-8 was proposed and committed

See the contract here:

See the voting page here:

See the diff checker: https://www.diffchecker.com/HJBmyHhl
See commit tx: