End DeFi Pulse Partnership


Back in March 2021, the DeFi Pulse team was hired to lead business development & growth for the EmptySet DAO. See TIP-14. (Note: this was pre-V2 launch, but the code was included in the V2 launch)

For its services, DeFi Pulse received a stream of 16.5mn ESS + performance incentives over the course of 2 years. The 16.5mn ESS has been being streamed from this contract.

The stream began when EmptySet V2 launched on August 2, 2021, so about 6 months of rewards (~4mn ESS) are left in the vesting contract.

The full list of ESS vesting contracts can be found here: Protocol Constants – DSU Protocol


At the request of the DeFi Pulse team, we propose to end the token stream currently being allocated to them. The DeFi Pulse team as of their recent pivot, has moved on to other activities and is no longer performing this role.

To execute this, the DAO will call .revoke(ESS) on the address of their vesting contract. This will pause the stream. The remaining unvested tokens will then be returned to the DAO and burned.