TIP-11: Establishing New TIP Standards




This proposal aims to establish two new standards for the TIP process with the goal of improving process security and fairness.

1. TIP Quorum Threshold

We are proposing to set a new TIP quorum threshold of 30m ESD representative of roughly 6% of the supply.

In order for a TIP to pass and be eligible for its grant, the TIP will need to receive 30m ESD worth of For votes in addition to receiving more For votes than Against votes.

2. Under-Peg Funding Bonus

Monthly budget TIPs are negatively affected by ESD being under-peg. The last thing we want to do is disincentive our ecosystem contributors when times are tough.

Since these these types of TIPs are usually pegged to a real-world USD-denominated budget, we’d like to make standard the notion of that these TIPs should be adjusting the ESD grant value each month based on the current ESD price at time of proposal.

This generally will not apply to one-off grant proposals, since the author may set their grant amount arbitrarily anyways, we just ask that voters take into account the current ESD price when making their decision.

Retro-active adjustments

TIP-9 is currently on-going and would be eligible for this adjustment.


Price at TIP-9 proposal: $0.60
Price at TIP-11 proposal: $0.20

January dispersement paid: 36300 ESD
January adjustment: (36300 * (1.00 - 0.60)) / 0.20 = 72600 ESD

February disbursement due: 29300 ESD
February adjusted due: 29300 / 0.20 = 146500 ESD

TIP-9 Feb Due + Jan Adj.: 219100 ESD


  • For: Yes, establish new standards and retroactively adjust TIP-9
  • Against: No, keep current standards
  • Poll: TBD