TIP-12: OpenZeppelin Audit of Proposed Codebase


@lewi, @eqparenthesis


The ESS has been developing a significant change to the ESD protocol. A new audit is proposed to ensure the continued safety and stability of the new code base that will be proposed.

This audit will be carried out by OpenZeppelin and aims to be finalised by early April.

Value Proposition

  • A significant set of changes to the ESD codebase will be proposed by the ESS. Ensuring the stability of the new mechanism and code changes is required for the safe operation of the network.
  • ESD benefits from having continued audits as the protocol grows and progresses


  • March(Mid) - The audit will begin.
  • April (Early) - The audit will be completed and sent privately to the ESS team to review and implement any required changes.
  • April(Early-Mid) - The audit will be published on the ESD GitHub once any required changes have been implemented

Funding Request

$78,000 USDC to be sent to OpenZeppelin’s address ( 0x43Be2Bf0a854F03D2368bAF040901D6D9da6D586 ) immediately after the vote passes.


  • For: Yes, fund the audit
  • Against: No, don’t fund the audit
  • Poll: Link
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