TIP-17: Equilibria


@kbrizzle (co-founder of Equilibria), with the help of @lewi.


This proposal aims to onboard and align Equilibria as the primary ecosystem protocol development team going forward.


Equilibria is a new collective focused broadly on building out DeFi holistically, by co-building and cross-integrating a stack of DeFi protocols.

Protocol Development - Equilibria will assist with core protocol development work, specifically owning and/or coordinating the smart contract code development of any cleanups, optimizations, new features, and/or future upgrades, as well as generally contributing to strategy and vision for future protocol improvements.

Governance - Additionally, Equilibria will aid in the governance process for both Empty Set protocol proposals as well as external protocols’ proposals related to Empty Set as needed.


The Equilibria team is a group of DeFi natives that have a long history of building in the Ethereum ecosystem. They offer a strong mix of experience and development expertise to help the protocol grow.


Kevin Britz - Kevin is an Engineering Manager at Coinbase focusing on DeFi, and an advisor to Opyn. Previously he co-founded Astro which was acquired by Coinbase.

Arjun Rao - Arjun is a Tech Lead at Coinbase focusing on DeFi. Previously he co-founded Astro alongside Kevin.

Niraj Pant - Niraj is a General Partner at Polychain and formerly a researcher in the decentralized systems lab at UIUC.


As the ecosystem core protocol team, Equilibria will be granted 99 000 000 ESS, vesting linearly for 2 years, in an unvested-revocable contract.

Equilibria Multisig: 0x589CDCf60aea6B961720214e80b713eB66B89A4d


Hi @kbrizzle, great proposal and very excited that Equilibria is interested in working with Empty Set.

Can you shed some light on how you all came up with the 99M ESS value? It seems pretty high for this type of proposal - 4% of the TTS for two years of work (h/t @MiracleSurvivor) . That comes with obvious concerns about voting weight/selling potential concentrated in a few people.

Would be great to get some more info before the vote takes place - thanks!

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FYI the proposal is up for voting here. It finishes in 2 days.

Given that Kevin, Arjun and Niraj are remaining in their full time jobs, how much time can they actually dedicate to Emptyset? Some additional details would be much appreciated here.