TIP-20 - Rotate Treasury Multisig signers




A proposal to change 2 Treasury multi-sig signers in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the treasury.


The Treasury was created over 1.5 years ago in EIP-10: Protocol Funding to fund activities the community deemed in the benefit of the protocol. The multisig signers were chosen to execute the transactions proposed in the votes. As time has progressed, some signers have signaled their interest in passing on their duties to others.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the protocol treasury, it’s prudent to replace those wanting to pass on the responsibility.


We propose the following changes to the Treasury multisig:

  1. Replace Andrew Kang 0xC85170886A7F34e1365E2aA04486ae8F1106F783 with Katherine Wu 0x4dd20c5a6875816a2cB73e695B40EB31997F6ede
  2. Replace Niraj Pant 0x0FeBbB3f91fae9BDC2f86B82c1b61a1dF6c6a5e8 with Jacob Phillips 0x430F2F2c519986e1A5965BcDCEfdAF3A71a91488


The vote will take place on Emptyset’s Snapshot governance page. The link will be posted here when it’s live.

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The vote passed with 222m votes in favour, no votes against.

See snapshot vote here