TIP-3 - Establish and Support ESS Communications




This proposal will fund an ESD focused evangelism account on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ESDgodDESs), with the goal of increasing awareness of ESD and “shilling” ESD to Crypto Twitter and the larger crypto audience.


With the establishment of a new squad (SN2), it is time to walk alongside SN2 to support ESS with inspired evangelists/communications. At the heart of every project, communication is key. After-all, how can a project grow/sustain itself without proper communication and marketing?

The Evangelist: ESDgodDESs

The evangelism effort will be led by ESDgodDESs. ESDgodDESs is a Twitter account that fully focuses on supporting the ESD community as it grows and the protocol matures and on communicating that to external audiences.
The main focus will be on contributing to the communications and evangelism of the protocol.


  • ESDgodDESs will focus on communications and evangelism of the protocol
  • ESDgodDESs effectiveness will be measured by the growth of the Twitter account (initial goal for first month, 250 followers)
  • ESDgodDESs will respond/engage/tweet 5-10 tweets per day
  • ESDgodDESs will publish a proposal bi-monthly requesting funds to continue her work.
  • The first proposal will only cover one month while things are getting started.

Funding Request

In order get ESDgodDESs off the ground, the following funds are required:

These funds are to be paid up front to 0xFEB8f061c9D9c1A3FF273f68558e8A47241a73d1 after the vote passes and the remainder will be sent back to the Treasury if the following proposal fails.


  • For: Yes, support ESDgodDESs
  • Against: No, ESDgodDESs is lame
  • Poll: Link
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