TIP-7: ESD Subgraph Development


Luke Saunders (Delphi Digital)


Delphi Digital has created a subgraph for ESD (https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph/delphi-subgraphs/empty-set-dollar) in order to aid its own research while also benefiting the ESD community.

The subgraph so far allows various metrics to be fetched historically in epoch intervals. However there is more than can be done to make it more of a full-featured subgraph.

Value Proposition

  • ESD benefits from an ecosystem of dashboards and community created projects, but the difficulty of fetching data from the ESD smart contracts acts as a barrier to development.
  • Well designed subgraphs using Graph Protocol make Ethereum data easily accessible, lowering the barrier to ecosystem development.

Proposed Features

The existing subgraph exposes DAO staged/bonded, debt and coupon information, together with oracle price and a few other fields. The following are proposed to be added:

Historical LP token statistics

  • LP tokens staged/bonded
  • Total LP token supply from the Uniswap pool

Historical ESD supply statistics

  • ESD total supply
  • ESD locked via LP
  • ESD locked via DAO

Historical detail of DAO and LP state

Account specific

  • Show state (frozen/fluid) of LP and DAO
  • Show expected time and epoch to frozen status (when they can deposit withdraw again)


  • Refactor the schema so that not everything is lumped together under one Epoch type

Funding Request

~15,000 ESD to 0x59328F4248105462013c64AAaf438F5d018bC7fa


Increased scope, rewrote feature list for clarity and increased grant size from 10,000 to 15,000 ESD.

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Welcome @lukedelphi, thanks for proposing this!

Continued work on the subgraph would be amazing. From my view the most interesting information is the historical view of the ESD flows in the LP/DAO as well as the staged/bonded breakdown. Great to see it will be so easily consumable.

Look forward to voting on this.

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Looks like there is already another TIP-6. This should probably be renamed to TIP-7.

Thank you. I’ve renamed it.

@lewi thanks for the feedback, historical views of ESD flow and breakdown should be simple to chart after the proposed changes.