TIP-9 - Continue Funding the SN2


@lewi, TheBeardedProf, ddmadock, tongnk


This proposal continues to fund the efforts of SN2 to continue to support the ESD protocol. This grant requests funds to cover upgrades to the DAO application, creation of a curve AMM interface, and continued development of the documentation and communication.

Last Grant’s Roundup

The initial kickoff for SN2 began halfway through December and coincided with the holidays so progress was slow. Despite this SN2 was able to knock out a number of activities.

These were mainly documentation, communication and dev related. Additionally, we assisted with protocol integrations, facilitating other grants and small developmental contributions.

Areas of Focus

Below are the following areas where SN2 will focus on over the next two months.

1. Redesign the UI of the ESD DAO

Aim: Redesign the UI of the ESD DAO to simplify actions and clarify information.

Timeline: 3 weeks

Team: lewi, ddmadock, tongnk, HiHowAreYou

2. Communications

Aim: Improve the presence of ESD within the DeFi community and develop communications processes to ensure the ESD community is always up-to date.

Timeline: On-going

Team: TheBeardedProf, lewi

3. Documentation (contd.)

Aim: Continue the development of the content in the documentation portal. Adding a comprehensive protocol and reworking the FAQs and resources sections.

Timeline: On-going

Team: lewi, TheBeardedProf

4. Curve AMM Interface

Aim: Develop a custom interface for the ESD <> [3Pool] Curve pool that is being setup

Timeline: 3 weeks

Team: lewi, HiHowAreYou

5. Governance Coordination (Contd.)

Aim: Actively facilitate the On-chain and Off-chain governance processes

Timeline: On-going

Team: lewi

6. Integration Assistance (Contd.)

Aim: Be a technical resource for the integration of ESD into other protocols

Timeline: On-going

Team: lewi

Note: HiHowAreYou is non-crypto so she’ll be paid from the “External” operating expenses

Spending and Rollovers

Lewi’s January Salary

Since the initial grant passed mid way though last month, but paid a full amount, so Ø7,500 will be rolled over into this next month.

Prior Branding & Design

Ø 3,200 ESD from the External section of Operating Expenses was use to pay the designer who developed the branding, artwork and website design used by the protocol.

Contract Creation

Ø400 was used to fund contract creation for multiple EIPs. This reduces the burden on developers who don’t want to spend hundreds on submitting a gov proposal.

Infrastructure Costs

Ø350 was used to fund infra costs for node subscriptions to keep ESD Tools and other statistic sties up and running

Total Spend: 11,450 ESD

Total Remaining to Rollover: 9,500 ESD

Funding Request

We estimate we will require the following funds over the next two months:

The funds will be split into two payments to 0x750eb0759F56a55cF0bb528fe4EFc6f8cFd27C56. The first tranche immediately after the vote passes and the second at the beginning of February (minus the rollover funds).

As always the remainder from the end of the grant will be either:

  • Rolled into the next successful proposal for SN2
  • Sent back to the Treasury if the following proposal fails.


  • For: Yes, continue funding SN2
  • Against: No, that’s enough
  • Poll: Link