TIP-19 - Sn2 Funding August/September




This proposal continues to fund the efforts of SN2 to continue to support the Empty Set protocol. This grant requests funds to cover continued development of the new DAO web app, continued communications, governance support, community management and continued development of the documentation.

Last Grant’s Roundup

With the last grant we continued work on the communications, governance and community activities as well as the development of the new DAO app.

The last grant wrapped up at the end of April and it was decided while the project was being audited and tested that I wouldn’t make sense to continue full time on the protocol until we were ready to go. The lead up to August saw a lot of activity and now the protocol has launched we are back into it.

Areas of Focus

Below are the following areas where SN2 will focus on over the next two months.

1. Development of the ESD DAO web application - lewi

Aim: To continue development of the new ESD DAO web application. Integrating the V2 contracts, testing, debugging and refactoring code

2. Communications - Shauhin

Aim : Improve the presence of ESD within the DeFi community and develop communications processes to ensure the ESD community is always up-to date.

3. Documentation - lewi

Aim : Develop supporting material for v2 of the protocol.

4. Governance Coordination - lewi

Aim : Actively facilitate the On/Off-chain governance processes and deployment of contracts for proposals.

5. Integration Assistance & Partnerships - lewi

Aim : Guide protocols through the governance process & be a technical resource for the integration of ESD.

6. Community Management - lewi, Shauhin

Aim : Help manage the different community platforms that Empty Set has. Ensuring an up-to date & inclusive community

Spending and Rollovers

The previous months had minimal spend as we were waiting to launch the V2 contracts.

Total Spend: 0 USD

Total Remaining to Rollover: 5000 USD

Funding Request

We estimate we will require the following funds for the two months:

The funds will be split into two payments to 0x750eb0759F56a55cF0bb528fe4EFc6f8cFd27C56 . The first tranche immediately after the vote passes and the second at the beginning of February (minus the rollover funds).

As always the remainder from the end of the grant will be either:

  • Rolled into the next successful proposal for SN2
  • Sent back to the Treasury if the following proposal fails.


  • For: Yes, continue funding SN2
  • Against: No, that’s enough
  • Poll:
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